Photo Gallery: A tour through our practice

Nashville Pain Center has been in operation for the past 8 years serving patients of Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin and surrounding areas. The facility boasts a competent, professional and friendly staff, highly motivated in understanding and providing the best quality care pain patient needs. Board certified anesthesiology/Pain Medicine specialists have been managing the chronic pain of hundreds of patients using successful multimodality approach at this center. Pain diagnoses are arrived at using multiple diagnostic techniques including imaging, nerve conduction studies, diagnostic procedures and bone density scans.

Flouroscopy and ultrasound guided procedures and effective pharmacological management have been the back bone of pain therapy. Judicious use of durable medical equipment and referral for physical and occupational therapy have been the hallmarks of pain management in this center. The Pain Center maintains a broad referral base that includes expert spine surgeons, orthopedic surgeons, rheumatologists, neurologists, psychiatrists, internists and physical therapists. The facility is equipped for a full range of office based procedures including fluoroscope and ultrasound guided procedures, spinal cord stimulator trials and radiofrequency ablation procedures. Inpatient intrathecal morphine trials and implantation of intrathecal drug delivery systems and spinal cord stimulators are carried out in Williamson Medical Center.