Medication Management

Medication Management For Chronic Pain 

Chronic pain is typically managed using multiple modalities. At Nashville Pain Center, one of the modalities used is medication management. A wide range of medication classes are available for use in pain management. A short description of each type is given below.

Topical medications :

Examples of this include local anesthetics (lidocaine) and NSAIDs like diclofenac sodium, capsaicin, menthol and camphor. The last three are available over the counter. Topical application of lidocaine or NSAIDs as a cream, gel or a patch can be very effective when treating localized areas of pain like arthritis of a single joint. When used as prescribed the systemic uptake of these drugs is limited and side effects, minimal and rare. Of late most of the other classes of drugs listed above except opioids are being compounded by specialist pharmacies in to creams that have been found to be effective in carefully selected patients.