Medication Management

Medication Management For Chronic Pain 

Chronic pain is typically managed using multiple modalities. At Nashville Pain Center, one of the modalities used is medication management. A wide range of medication classes are available for use in pain management. A short description of each type is given below.

Opioid Medications:

Opioids like tramadol, hydrocodone, oxycodone, morphine and others are extremely potent medications very effective in the management of chronic intractable pain. These medications are typically used to manage severe degenerative conditions or during and after surgeries. Management of chronic pain using opioids is indicated when the condition is severe as documented by imaging studies and other investigations after having tried and failed less potent medications listed above. These medications can suppress breathing, decrease blood pressure and can be fatal if not used strictly as prescribed under close supervision. Patients prescribed opioids are monitored closely to detect tolerance, dependence, addiction, likelihood of accidental or intentional overdose, abuse and diversion. Monitoring involves periodic follow up visits to the physician, urine drug testing, extensive history taking and keeping track of the overall health status of the individual.

Please go through our CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE AGREEMENT to familiarize yourself with the rules that a patient on opioid therapy is expected to strictly adhere to while being treated at Nashville Pain Center