Medication Management

Medication Management For Chronic Pain 

Chronic pain is typically managed using multiple modalities. At Nashville Pain Center, one of the modalities used is medication management. A wide range of medication classes are available for use in pain management. A short description of each type is given below.

Ketamine :

EKetamine is a drug in a class of its own and was widely used a few decades ago as a general anesthetic. Ketamine is an excellent pain reliever and muscle relaxant and unlike opioids does not suppress breathing. However it is a hallucinogenic and not ideal for the management of chronic pain and no ideal route of administration has yet been established. Certain compounding pharmacies are using this medication in creams in combination with other medications for use on localized but intractable neuropathic pain.Certain pain centers are using this medication as infusions in small doses to manage severe generalized body pains, extremely severe, unrelenting migraines lasting several days and reflex sympathetic dystrophy as a last resort when all else have failed. Ketamine induced coma is also being tried in some premier medical institutions.