Bone Densitometry


Nashville Pain Center offers bone densitometry technology to identify patients with osteoporosis and to monitor the effects of treatment of osteoporosis.

Dual-energy X-Ray Absorptiometry (DXA) :


A scanner using this technology can measure bone loss in an individual suspected of osteoporosis. The equipment used for this purpose uses very small amounts of radiation to give images of the selected parts of the skeleton. Typically the spine and hips are scanned for evidence of osteoporosis. DXA scan can be done to learn if you have weak bones or osteoporosis before or after you sustain a fracture. It also helps in predicting the chance of fracture in the future. Generally DXA scan is done every 2 years to see if the bone density is improving, getting worse or staying the same. It is done every year to find out how well an osteoporosis medicine is working.